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ROOM 1              Dedicated to prehistory. It keeps finds from the caves and from the territory of Ozieri.

ROOM 2              Here are shown finds dated back to the Bronze Age and Iron Age, which in Sardinia are the Nuragic Civilization

ROOM 3              dedicated to the findings of the Roman and Punic Period

ROOM 4            It hosts Medieval and Renaissance lithic objects, bronze and pottery artifacts from Middle Ages to Modern Age



ROOM 1  Punic, Greek  and Roman Republic coin collection

ROOM 2  Imperial coins from Augustus to Costantius  Chlorus

ROOM 3  Coins from Costantine the Great to Gratian and from Theodosius to Costantine IV. Barbaric coins.

ROOM 4  Medieval, Aragonese, Spanish  and Savoy coins of Sardinian mint.



ROOM 1-2 BANDINI: This ethnographic section includes donations of some illustrious  families of Ozieri: portraits, pictures, objects and documents.